Sailing La Vagabonde

Sailing La Vagabonde is a series of youtube movies that was started by Elayna and Riley to document their voyage, sailing around the world. Initially just to keep friends and family informed of their adventure. Riley didn’t know how to sail at all before he bought the yacht in Italy and was struggling along solo until he met Elayna on the island of Ios in Greece and shortly afterward they decided to sail around the world together.

  • NO#1 Sailing Channel on YouTube
  • Through the mountains of feedback we receive in comments, messages, posts, tweets and emails we understand now that Sailing La Vagabonde both inspires people and allows them to live vicariously through our adventures. We have incredible audience engagement which is why youtube pushes our movies forwards so consistently.
  • This engagement and influence is displayed nowhere better than the Sailing LaVagabonde Patron site where nearly 1,000 individuals from the public donate over 7,000 USD per video to help out their adventure.
  • We are still learning and are yet to scratch the surface of our potential. We have in the last 2 months employed a full time cinematographer on board to increase production quality and output and a land-based manager to co-ordinate our activities and assist with emails, shipping and the myriad of other jobs that arise.
  • Over 3 million youtube views per month.
  • The channel has grown close to 200,000 subscribers who tune into the weekly videos of their adventure sailing around the world,
  • Two instagram accounts and a twitter account with a following of over 100,000
  • Sailing La Vagabonde put their first movie onto youtube on November 24 2014 and that first movie now has over 1.3 million views.

Given how far we have come in under 2 years without any help from sponsors, employees, agents or marketing I think that the potential for expansion in social media is massive. The influence we hold over our existing audience is huge and quantified by Patreon donations and youtube analytics. We would love to associate Sailing LaVagabonde with a brand that is in harmony with the vibe of our show.