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Broadway World Review: RECKŌNING TE WAIATA PAIHERE WAIRUA -THE SOUNDS OF WOVEN SOULS at Melbourne Fringe Festival 2021

After winning four Melbourne Fringe Awards last year, including Best Emerging Indigenous Artist, RECKŌNING Te Waiata Paihere Wairua -The Sounds of Woven Souls is back at this year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival, as part of the “Best of 2020”


Reckōning: “Te Waiata Paihere Wairua – The Sounds of Woven Souls”- Online - Melbourne Fringe

Review by Taylor Kendal Reckoning can be defined as ‘the avenging or punishing of past mistakes or misdeeds’. What better way to do such a thing than to embrace who you are in the now, how your past has lead you to where you are and made you stronger; that has defined your story? From the mind of Samuel Gaskin and Johnny Hamilton of BEAT Entertainment, and directed by Samuel Gaskin and Michala Banas, comes Reckōning: “Te Waiata Paihere Wairua – The Sounds of Woven Souls”, a one hour multi art fo
Oct 10th